domingo, 2 de março de 2014

Nebraska (2013)

Alexander Payne is a director that is often misinterpreted. In The Descendants, the light tone and the common elements were judged, instead of the in-depth analysis of the modern family model that a large portion of us can relate, directly or not. It was a people, well crafted movie that did not need pretentious stylish direction to prove its point. Something similar happens with the astounding Nebraska, a simple movie about family relations and retributions from the other side of the american dream, a dream that vanished somewhere in the middle of the United States, Nebraska, where lives are spent, where nothing happens, where ambition fades in front of a TV screen. Where life is not colorful enough to be depicted in movie, and Alexander Payne takes it seriously with a black and white picture that will move you. Bruce Dern is an old, senile man who firmly believes he has won a prize, which is nothing more than a marketing flyer. His son eventually agrees to take him to a far away town , near his hometown, reliving old memories and facing the reality of his present life. Nebraska is real, nude, beautiful, with a real soul to crave for and a relevant insight of what happens where nothing happens. Alexander Payne, amazing, as always.

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