domingo, 2 de março de 2014

Her (2013)

Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with an operative system in a near future with its own personality and the lovely voice of Scarlett Johanson. Her is an uneven movie. It wants to be a love sci-fi story with its own artistic personality. That is clear from the first moment when you realize the plain colors that fill every object (like Phoenix's buttoned up shirts), the train trips, the constantly soft sunny weather, the calm tone. Then the movie tries to teach you that love and emotions are real even when you don't love, well, an human being. The contradictions start to appear, a computer program develops personality, learns how to love and is loved back. This looks amazing. But then we learn that in this near future, being in love with a program is a common thing. People actually have relationships with operative systems like Windows. I usually don't judge the ideas a movie tries to transmit to its audience, but being in love with an operative system its not a matter of conservatism or freedom, like the freedom to be homosexual. It is just a sad and sick idea. We could accept that idea except for the fact that the movie doesn't really present any argument for it except for Joaquin Phoenix's miserable and sad face, decorated with a mustache and round glasses. So artsy. In fact, the movie shows little less than his face for 2 hours, decorated with some directing techniques that want to be unique, but are not. This is not an original movie (Electric Dreams, S1m0ne or even WALL-E) at all. It is just an over-hyped pretty bubble that floats around with some breathes of style and ideas, but that are ultimately just a pretentious draft with little less than a good performance by Phoenix, who carries the whole movie by himself. And who is Spike Jonze for Her to be titled "A Spike Jonze Love Story"?! This is not terrible, it has some moments, but that is not enough, mainly due to what the movie wants to be and what the movie is.

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