sexta-feira, 21 de fevereiro de 2014

American Hustle (2013)

One of 2013's Oscar favorites is American Hustle, from director David O'Russel. There is no doubt O'Russel got the taste for the Oscars with The Fighter, and American Hustle is clearly a movie designed for the grand prizes. However, even if it is a prize seeker, American Hustle has many charms. This is a movie that relies on its actors, and probably without them American Hustle wouldn't be so appealing. It manages to bring together probably the best actor in the world nowadays, Christian Bale, with Amy Adams, one of the biggest reference in recent Hollywood, Lawrence as the most valuable face in the industry, everyone likes Cooper and Jeremy Renner is an example of solid acting. Adding the music and the style, this small time con artists story of the 70's is a pleasure to watch. The movie is solid as a whole, but the mark goes no higher than an happy smile towards a good movie that risks almost nothing. American Hustle is absolutely not a landmark. It borrows from many other films, Scorsese, Affleck and Guy Ritchie included, and delivers a wrap with some authentic style, but unfortunately it fails in the intention of being original, unique and pure. This is not original and unique at all. Nevertheless it is a good movie with no stand-out flaws with a pleasurable delivery of fine acting.

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