domingo, 2 de fevereiro de 2014

All is Lost (2013)

All is lost is unexpectedly one of the best movies from 2013. Young director J. C. Chandor celebrates the silence, the picture, and ultimately, the star Robert Redford. Redford is an unnamed man who gets lost at sea with his personal boat. That is it. There are no dialogs, there is no other person in the movie besides the main actor. All Is Lost is more than a try to make a quality movie based on these unique characteristics. It has a lot of courage when it does it. The movie separates itself from solo survival clichés like flashbacks, family pictures, prayers or even imaginary friends like Wilson from Castaway. Our man here is a real human being. He doesn't shout to the skies, he tries to always stay in control of the situation, he knows what he is doing, just like any other person with the competence to maneuver a boat alone in open waters. In All Is Lost, what matters is the moment. The movement, the natural thrill, the silence, and, on another plan, the beautiful picture which never extrapolates to pretentious art, the sound of the ocean and the really outstanding soundtrack by Alex Ebert. All this contributes to a  passionate, contemplative, sober and pure movie about one man, who we know nothing about, who just tries to stay alive when all is lost.

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