quinta-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2014

Dallas Buyers Club (2013)

We can understand why Dallas Buyers Club is so praised. It has all the ingredients to make a movie popular: good acting, a socially relevant theme like Aids, an entertaining plot, likable characters, and, most of all, a moral lesson to be taught. That said, Dallas Buyers Club is not a fully honest piece of art, even if its not a sensationalist one. Forgetting all that, the movie starts strong, very strong. The direction of the first 20 minutes breathes personality and McConaughey's character is presented in a remarkable way, preparing the audience for a serious treaty on Aids in a southern United States. However, as the time flows, the movie keeps losing its interest, its sobriety, its personality, and soon you realize Dallas Buyers Club is nothing more than the good moralistic crowd pleaser spiced by what is truly a magnificent performance by Matthew McConaughey and a good support by Jared Leto, who, to be honest, profits a lot from the transsexual nature of his character. Then the mediocre Jennifer Garner enters the room...

Trailer follows:

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