sábado, 18 de janeiro de 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Martin Scorsese's latest movie has its flaws like it presents many virtues, in a movie that can be viewed through various layers. The Wolf of Wall Street first 20 minutes are amazing, good characters are introduced, you sense great dialog writing and its so funny your spirits will really be up. Then, enter the partying, over the top amoral flat phase. The movie never takes position facing the grotesque, over the top scenes, where prostitutes, drugs and other excesses take place, and that is a good, a great, thing. However, the presentation feels generic, repetitive, and can be boring at times, even if there are some comedy peaks though this phase. Then, enter the second half of the movie, when the bed this Wolf laid on starts generating some problems. This is where the movie gets really good, and Scorsese's master directing stands out. Instead of showing generic situations with non developed characters in parties, the individuals are given the spotlight. Masterful scenes resembling the likes of Goodfellas or Casino (but instead of the old fashioned mob, the modern stock brokers, hence the spiritual return to the roots for Martin Scorsese) take place, and Leonard DiCaprio here delivers a stunning performance. Plus, the comedy in this second half is probably the best of the year. There are some anthology comedy scenes that deserve the history books. Even so, The Wolf of Wall Street is an unbalanced movie, a flawed movie, with scattered highlight scenes that sometimes feel sloppy, other times feel masterful. This is not the best package to finally give DiCaprio the best actor Oscar, but it is still a great modern Scorsese movie.

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