quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2013

Pacific Rim (2013)

I was very surprised to see that a movie with a concept like Pacific Rim where humans build giant robots to fight giant creatures that emerge from the ocean had such a positive reception, critics included. Seeing that it was directed by the brilliant Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth) this really could be a rare quality entertaining movie. Del Toro wanted to make a tribute to classic monster movies like the original Godzilla and the feel is all there, even with his neo-psychadelic signature we all subtly enjoy.  But essentially the question is if these movies were even good to begin with. Unfortunately, the result is just average. The plot and its presentation are not original at all, feeling that we are watching an average 90's movie. The characters are stereotypes, etc, etc, so there really isn't much to see here. And Rinko Kikuchi is probably the worst and most annoying actress ever. What's good in here is that, although this is a traditional commercial movie, the fight scenes are really awesome and very fun to watch, plus the special effects are incredible. It's a pity we have such a long and sometimes boring build up before all the action. You will have a good time, but Pacific Rim is what it is: a standard summer blockbuster with some glimpses of quality that really can't stand out.

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