quinta-feira, 25 de julho de 2013

Into The House - Dans La Maison (2012)

When you say commercial movies like Looper are well written (because for their genre, they are), and then watch something like Dans la Maison (In The House), writing goes up to a new level. François Ozon, the director, had already impressed in 2003 with Swimming Pool, but In The House is probably his best film to date. It tells the story of a student that begins writing essays for his french teacher about one of his classmates' family, while he enters their house and makes himself a close friend. Into The House feels like reading a good mystery book while watching someone else interpret it, being that "someone else" your own self. In a very subtle way, Dans La Maison makes you addicted to its story, with a very traditional but poetic and beautiful directing, real life characters, and mesmerizing acting from Fabrice Luchini and Kristin Scott Thomas, bringing the mind of a 16 year old student to this amazing parallel reality. 

Trailer follows:

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