domingo, 4 de agosto de 2013

The Game (1997)

One of David Fincher's classics, you could say The Game is the true definition of thriller. After directing the crime thriller Se7en, Fincher goes to the mystery thriller with an incredible ride that will leave you completely stunned, presenting what is arguably the best performance in Michael Douglas' career (Falling Down included) as the wealthy financier that receives a mysterious present known only as "the game" from his brother Sean Penn. Directing is at top, excellent dark themed photography with chilling soundtrack by Howard Shore that will not allow you to leave your chair. You can understand why The Game usually isn't listed with the same cult status as Se7en or Fight Club: the characters are not as iconic, the dialog isn't as incredible, but that is not the point in The Game. Its identity is a different one, but for its own genre, The Game really cannot be beaten. This is a movie for you to be enjoyed with, that delivers in perfection everything one could ask for as far as suspense is concerned.

Trailer follows:

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