quarta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2014

Fury (2014)

Involved in great hype, David Ayer's "Fury" is the return of Brad Pitt to the 2nd World War. However, this is no Inglorious Basterds. Fury has a claustrophobic approach on a group of american soldiers on a tank during the last days of the war. The movie presents itself with a cold and sober feel about war, but in reality that feel never quite reaches the audience. There are several scenes where that posture fails, with uncalled heroic or romantic moments, failing to achieve the sober and heavy tone the movie wants. Fury ends up being unbalanced. It is not a serious approach on this specific side of war, nor is an entertaining action flick. Fury is somewhere in between. It is a good movie, with some good moments, which simply can't be as solid as the movie itself should be. Plus, it is always a pleasure to see Brad Pitt on such projects, but aside some sparks of personality, his and the other characters feel bland and non-realistic. Fury could have been much better. It is not a waste of time tough.

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