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The Interview (2014)

The Interview was involved in a lot of discussion for external reasons that all of us know. Expectations were wrongly influenced, and when the movie finally came out it was negatively received by most reviewers who clearly didn't know what movie they were watching to the point that it was cool to say it was bad: "Oh The Interview just came out, but we won't be influenced by all the fuss it got and just gonna say it was bad and stupid and a 007 spoof". So wrong... In our opinion, The Interview is the complete opposite! Seth Rogen and James Franco's comedies have their own style, for sure, the stoner buddy flick that never gets too serious. The Interview belongs to that genre, but it creates a gap from previous Rogen/Franco/etc comedies. The Interview is special. The aim here is not to criticize or open the audience's eyes to what happens in North Korea (the movie never actually shows that, neither wants to show it!). It creates a sketchy and silly situation (typical to Rogen/Franco movies) about murdering Kim Jong Un, with an unique and unpretentious touch to it. James Franco's misunderstood character on The Interview is very very different from what he usually portrays in comedy. He is an innocent, silly and light hearted american tv star and he acts perfectly according to that role, sometimes shooting jokes and gags that do not deserve a "facepalm" from the audience. They deserve a smiley "what the fuck". Kim Jong Un is hilarious, and the whole situation is so over the top that sometimes it feels like we're watching Inglorious Basterds meets Pineapple Express. It is probably halfway into the movie that I realized this was not just a regular comedy. Everything that surrounds its plot smells like a slow burning bag of hilariousness that culminate so stupidly and epically and symbolically that I doubted this was really a Rogen/Franco movie. The Interview is far from being dumb, and its creators never think they're superior just because they are making a shock movie about killing North Korea's leader as some think. The Interview is one of the best modern comedies ever. It is the best comedy these guys have ever made. It is better than This Is The End, better than Pineapple Express, better than Knocked Up, and better than Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The only movie that can stand up face to face with The Interview is Superbad. And that says a lot. The Interview is a modern masterpiece of comedy. A special movie that was totally misunderstood.

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