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Birdman (2014)

Birdman kicks off with an interesting premise, presenting Michael Keaton as Riggan, an actor that achieved world fame with a superhero blockbuster called Birdman, more than 20 years ago, which is, obviously, a reference to Keaton's Batman from 1989 and 1992, that wants to get back on the spotlight through a stage play written by himself. Director Iñarritu (Amores Perros, Babel, Biutiful) is not a stupid man, in fact he's the opposite, because he always knows what to do to feed the audience what it theoretically wants. The movie casts likeable and talented actors with their own niche of fans, such as Edward Norton, Emma Stone, Naomi Watts and Zach Galifianakis. There Iñarritu stops to think what could be the best way to create an original and publicly acclaimed movie: "hmm, in Gravity they did an outstanding job on the opening scene with a 17 minute long on-shot take, so why not do that with a whole movie? Now THAT would be original!". And there Birdman goes, with a 2 hour long single fake shot, which is nice at the beginning but rapidly becomes boring and arrogant. Then he adds a cool, relaxed and funny drum line (which is almost the only soundtrack in the movie) to guide the viewer through the corridors of the theater's backstage, enslaving what is a handful of talented actors to rules of movement and camera work. Can't Keaton, Norton and Watts just act, instead of waltzin' through space following a camera for 2 hours?! If this wasn't enough for Iñarritu to pretentiously try to grab an Oscar, he adds to the movie a tone of shitty dark humour and glamour, by the books "real life"dialog that is everything but realistic (Emma Stone urban-depressive-modern problematic teenager with a "full of himself" father portrayed by Keaton deserves a punch in the face), and to end it all with a blast the director constantly uses the super zoom-in face plans to make the spectator "feel" the movie's characters. Like he has done previously with the terribly pretentious Babel (one of the worst movies I have ever seen) and also Biutiful, Iñarritu wants Birdman to be THE movie of the year, and does everything it takes to get it. He even gets the same premise of the forgotten star that makes a comeback used on The Wrestler or even the new Schwarzenegger movies for all that matters. Birdman is nothing more than a mix of ideas that are abstractly good (camera technique, good cast of actors, etc) but which are squeezed so pretentiously that the result is just a pile of lies that wants to be considered smart, artistic and creative, but is not. It is obvious that Michael Keaton is awesome on a role like this, but guess who also knew that and took advantage of it? Alexandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, the film industry biggest lie of modern times. The movie is not dreadful to watch though, it has some good moments, and for the sake of Michael Keaton it is hard to say the film really has nothing to go for it. Keaton deserves attention, Iñarritu does not, and that is all Birdman is about in reality.

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