quinta-feira, 18 de setembro de 2014

The Guest (2014)

You're Next was an instant horror classic that spread throughout the world from 2011 to 2013. An homage to horror B movies with a very personal touch. The Guest is the latest work from You're Next director and writer. And it is a top-notch job. Unlike the predecessor, The Guest isn't exactly a horror film. It is more a mystery thriller about a guy that comes to a family home claiming to be the best friend of the family's deceased son from the army. Similarly to what happened in You're Next, The Guest kicks off as a serious toned film, but soon the B-movie homage starts making its way, turning the film into an energetic, thrilling and absolutely fun, entertaining and original experience. The unknown actor Dan Stevens does an incredibly charismatic job as the fun/evil mysterious guest, and is well supported by the young Maika Monroe, a promising young actress that already did a great job this year with It Follows. Some claim that the last act of the movie ruins it (lots of clichés, gunfights and stuff), but that is what makes The Guest different. It never wants to be a serious movie. Why would it? It will grab you tight, feed you with quality entertainment and blow everything up with a big laugh. This is modern cinema done well and a step up from You're Next. One of 2014's best.

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