sábado, 20 de setembro de 2014

Coherence (2014)

Coherence is an edge of the seat mystery sci-fi thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat. It is a micro budget movie about a group of friends that have dinner together on the a comet passes near the Earth. That's when a series of strange events take place and reality may not be what it seems. Besides the original plot that must be experienced and never spoiled, Coherence was filmed during 5 nights, and everyday the cast received a paper depicting their characters intentions on the plot. Therefore, all the dialogue and acting is pure improvisation. Yes, Coherence is indeed a special movie. Unfortunately without its consequential flaws. There is no storyboard, or acting timing, so the only way to film a movie like this is through an handheld camera that is, of course, shaky. Sometimes, mainly on the first half of the movie, the dialogue and camera might be confusing and honestly unnerving, but soon enough the mystery feel will take over you and will never let you go till the end. Like was said before, Coherence is a special movie with great ideas, sometimes not perfectly inserted, but it is indeed an unique minimalistic and mind bending experience that should be seen by everyone.

Trailer follows:

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