terça-feira, 13 de maio de 2014

Through a Glass Darkly - Sasom i en Spegel (1961)

Another one of Bergman's finest masterpieces is Through a Glass Darkly. The movie presents the minimalistic characteristics that establish Bergman's work on the 60's. Here, a young, mentally ill girl, after spending some time recovering on a mental institute, arrives on her family's country house on an island for some family time. There are only four characters, and the budget is almost null. Bergman's masterful ability of directing actors is top here. The lovely actress Harriet Andersson portrays a true, complex woman, whom the spectator will relate, just like he will to all the other characters. They are flesh and bone... Strange at first, the movie develops into a realistic visceral experience about life's emptiness, faith, frailty, fearfulness and love, all this through a well paced poetic presentation that is so beautiful, it could be stopped frame by frame just to enjoy the picture. It is when one sees a movie like Through a Glass Darkly that all the other movies we thought as masterpieces instantly move to a second row. All adjectives and possibilities of talking objectively about a movie fade on such a pure and true experience like this. A movie that approaches complex and deep themes, but understands that it can only hint at them, and that is the beauty of it all...

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