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Godzilla (2014)

After proposing itself to deliver the most faithful adaptation of the 1954 japanese classic, the new Godzilla finally arrives. The movie has received mixed to positive reception, and I find it a bit frustrating that this Godzilla may even have negative reviews, because it is so obvious it is a good movie. More than that, this is one of the best movies of the genre, ever. Of course this is not Fellini's "8 1/2", or Bergman's "Persona". Godzilla's focus is different. It is no easy task to produce a quality film using a "giant monster invades city" plot. Some have, like Cloverfield, but most haven't. Cloverfield was a good movie, but was there character development? No. Was there any great acting? No. Was it a visual thrill ride? Yes. 2014's Godzilla manages to successfully deliver most of these characteristics, even if it still has some flaws. Cinematography is top here. The colour, the atmosphere give the movie a sober tone that feels wonderful. The monsters feel mysterious, menacing, and most of all, interesting. Of course the monsters backstory is a bit silly, but nevertheless, your imagination is working, and that is amazing. The movie is a slow burner. Godzilla proves it has learned from flawed and mindless examples from movies that just want to burn down New York 15 minutes into the film. Instead, it prefers an atmospheric build-up through human characters that the audience will soon understand to be side characters when compared to the giant monsters, and the movie does a killer job proving that to the audience. The special effects are compelling and the respect for the monster's past deserves a standing ovation. However, there are two negative points. Aaron Taylor-Johnson proves to be a very limited actor, and was maybe a wrong choice for the main cast, specially when talented actresses like Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche and Sally Hawkins are given empty roles. He is starting to feel annoying and a bit of a douchebag, and his acting flaws are starting to stand out film by film. On the other hand, we would expect a bit more godzilla screentime, comparing to his monster antagonists. But only for that reason. If godzilla was the only monster on the movie, I believe the less screentime he had, the better, because that would only build the fascination, suspense and mystery around the creature. This was a very long review, but I feel it was necessary. Bottom line, Godzilla is obviously not a perfect movie, but inside the genre, and analysing what the movie proposes to deliver, it proveed to be one of the best of the genre. Ever. And this is no shame at all to say. I just wished people would be able to have fun watching fun films, instead of bashing them for flaws that are only unavoidable characteristics of the genre.

P.s.: A word for the modern environmental concerns that Godzilla points out, specially the Fukushima disaster.

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