quarta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2013

Spring Breakers (2013)

Well, I don't even know where to start with this one... On the first sight, one would expect this to be a silly, perhaps funny and probably bad, movie about a group of 4 girls on their spring break vacation. Well, it's not. At least, not in that sense. Spring Breakers wants to be different, good and surprising, using techniques that normally would get that result, such as slow paced filming, color themed photography and supposedly profound dialogs. Well, Spring Breakers just miserably fails in every aspect. Those techniques are used, abused, almost raped, while the movie tries to make a deep portrait of what goes on on the minds of these high-schoolers. Well, yes, you could say the long slow paced shots and the strong color filters could be interpreted as the confusion that goes on these girls minds, but what?! Everything that is said is shockingly poor (even if the characters are supposed to be like that), the girls are objectified in a very non realistic way, just as the parties: we have long, boring segments of naked girls dripping vodka over their breasts in slow motion, with a pretentious alternative pop soundtrack behind, probably with a narrator girl saying something like "This is our moment. This is the beginning of our life. This is the opportunity of finding ourselves.", or, instead of dripping vodka on their naked body, the girls could be sniffing cocaine while a naked man asks them for oral sex (they obviously accept, because this is "their moment"). Oh, and don't forget to add a red or blue, maybe purple color filter to make the picture more artsy. Well, you get the idea... Spring Breakers is an offensively pretentious piece of crap, a pointless portrait of american youth that will make you walk away half way into the movie. It is so bad you will feel revolted that some people actually believe this false movie can be good. I really wished that Spring Breakers would just be a silly, perhaps funny and probably bad movie as expected...


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