quinta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2013

Cave Of Forgotten Dreams (2011)

Werner Herzog, director of stunning documentaries such as Grizzly Man or Encounters at the End of the World but also movies like Rescue Dawn, gains access to the Chauvet Cave, a cave located in France that was discovered in 1994 and since then has been closed with only a restricted group of top scientists having access to it once a year: since it holds 32000 years old paintings created by paleolitic humans inside, which are by far the oldest ever known. Herzog captures the paintings beautifully while interviewing local scientists ,archaeologists and other characters to help us understand the story of its cave: the paintings creators, when were they exactly painted and what kind of animals inhabited the cave through this millenia span... Herzog tries to, through these paintings, create a time capsule that leads the audience to an imaginary world lost in the past that, inevitably, the man from the 21st century cannot understand. A brilliant soundtrack composed by Ernst Reijseger helps the mood as we see through this fascinating cave, with Werner Herzog's personal touch and taste on the side.

Trailer follows:

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