sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013

The Lone Ranger (2013)

Gore Verbinski, for this matter director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and Rango, returns with Disney and Johnny Depp reviving the old school cartoon "The Lone Ranger". The Lone Ranger has many pros and many cons as it will divide its audience. It is as highly entertaining movie, very fun to watch, gripping and funny, a very good time to be spent. However, if you dissect it, The Lone Ranger has some identity issues. Johnny Depp's character Tonto is too similar to the Pirate's Jack Sparrow and in Lone Ranger he should not be presented as almost the main character. It just sounds fake and easy. The movie sometimes tries to reach some depth, trying to be more than just entertainment, just as Verbinski did on Rango, but it shouldn't and it misguides its intentions, completely spoiling that depth as the old Tonto tells the story of the Lone Ranger to a kid (was that presentation really necessary?). At the end, a good, yet confusing, entertaining high bugdet movie with Johnny Depp as another (perhaps too much) iconic character. Maybe its time for him to stop disguising himself and putting make-up. At least, even though Helen Bonham Carter is here, this is not a Tim Burton movie...

Trailer follows:

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