quarta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2013

The Innkeepers (2011)

When reviewing a movie, one should analyze what a movie proposed itself to do and what it actually delivered. When talking about pure horror movies, we don't need to be in front of a general cult masterpiece to consider it a good movie. A horror movie is stuck to its genre, of course, but it should not be punished for that. And in this case, The Innkeepers IS pure horror. The director is Ti West, a young hope for horror cinema, who at only 33 years old delivers with The Innkeepers his fifth movie, which is a lesson for horror filmaking. The Innkeepers is a very minimalistic, low budget movie taking place in a real Inn, where its two receptionists in their mid 20's try to make contact with the spirit of a woman who died there many years ago. Ti West knows what he is doing, developing an amazing, and I repeat amazing, suggestive horror, leaving the audience to imagine and anticipate more horror than what they will actually see, choosing to leave gore completely aside. That is the magic of classic horror, adding to the realistic feel that this story could actually happen, as the amateurish feel adds to its authenticity. The Innkeepers is an amazing surprise that will leave you grabbing your chair with suspense, and a suspense like this is really rare to see nowadays. Very well done!!

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