quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2015

Foxcatcher (2014)

After directing the surprisingly good Moneyball in 2011, director Bennett Miller returns with Foxcatcher, a psychological drama, also based on a true story, this time about a humble wrestling Olympic Champion that accepts to train under John E. Du Pont's direction, a millionaire, portrayed by a very different Steve Carell than what we are used to. Foxcatcher is a very hard-working movie with a plot that is difficult to put on screen due to its emotional complexity, but Bennett Miller achieves it exemplary. More than Carell's, Tatum's and Ruffalo's immaculate acting performances, Foxcatcher is a movie about entering a world of promises and dreams, a world where everything seems honest and right, whose qualities soon start to fade out, leaving only the rotted egos of the ones involved. Miller's sober and minimalist style of directing gets just the right pace to let the viewer feel Channing Tatum's character, feel his beliefs and good intentions, his weirdness towards what's going on sometimes, an oddness that can only be described as real, and subsequently get dragged into the spiral of a world that he simply was not taught to understand or deal with. On the other hand, Carell's John E. Du Pont is just as complex as Tatum's Mark Schultz, a shattered ego, fuelled by a shattered childhood, hoping to bring together an infant dream from a spoiled person. Foxcatcher does not show the deepness of its characters at times, nor could it. The inner dramatical psyche of the human being can only be hinted at, and Miller is humble enough to understand it. Separating the film from the drama itself, Foxcatcher is a movie about sport, about the movement of the athlete, shown in a way in which you can almost feel the muscles stretching, and that is an achievement very few directors can reach (Soderbergh did it on Haywire for e.g.). Foxcatcher is not an easy movie to watch and accept, but on the little things, where it really matters, it makes a difference and that is why it is one of the best things 2014 had to offer us.

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