terça-feira, 8 de julho de 2014

Locke (2014)

Locke's premise is interesting because he delivers a product that is a thriller in genre, but whose elements are completely different than usual. There are no bad guys, no car chases: just Tom Hardy, a construction work supervisor, family man and soccer fan that made a wrong choice in the past, but who wants to make things right, tonight, in a real time drive across England. Locke's themes are human, simple and real, which is interesting and makes the movie unique, adding to the fact that all the "action" takes place inside the car Hardy is driving, just with the help of an hands-free mobile phone. However it's pretty obvious that on paper this is awesome, but can Locke make it work as a movie? More a less. It's clear director Steven Knight uses a couple of visual techniques to make the movie more appealing, such as a variety of filming angles and "neonic" illumination (the movie poster shows that effect), and it's unfair to ask for more on this concept. Style aside, unfortunately the movie feels a bit flat. It is very interesting and grabs your attention, but is not the nail-bitting edge of the seat thriller that some claim it to be. It is just a simple movie about a simple real man that relies on Tom Hardy's huge talent to shine, but never . We want to love Locke, but it fails to cross the gap between good and wonderful. Locke is good, competent, likeable, but it's not a movie that will make a difference. It's not really that deep, but it's nevertheless a very accurate representation of a real life thriller.

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