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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Ben Stiller directs and stars this comedy wannabe drama, based on short story that had already been adapted to the big screen in 1947. The focuses on Walter Mitty, a worker on a magazine named "Life", that has a lot of daydreams and has a crush on a fellow co-worker. The movie's intentions are clear from the beginning: deliver an inspiring story and tell you to pursue your dreams. The only issue is that there is little honesty on this unrealistic and forced money-sucking crowd pleaser. The movie is poorly written, and the humor goes from good philosophic talks with a giant Icelandic drunk pilot to a miserable shark fight on the Icelandic waters, where Ben Stiller receives hints in english from an old Icelandic fisherman who didn't even know the person in the water was american. Stiller's character begins the movie a little different than his usual movie roles, but soon that feeling fades away. The strong points of the movie are indeed the photography, and the soundtrack, even if its easy to understand that those elements are only there to please you. Plus the structure of the second half feels rushed, and the transformation from a clumsy daydreamer to a hero doesn't feel believable. Despite all of this, Walter Mitty has a good mood and is sweet, but is nothing more than an average Sunday afternoon movie wrapped with a shiny and pretty paper that just had too much hype.

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