domingo, 3 de novembro de 2013

Carrie (2013)

There is no doubt about the original 1976 Carrie being an anthology movie. It was not a perfect movie, it had its flaws, but ultimately Carrie White was a great character and the build up for the famous prom scene was one of the best of the horror genre. Kimberly Peirce's remake respectably recreates Carrie with success. The point here is not to say if this remake was necessary, faithful to the original, or a good re-imagining of Stephen King's book in 2013. Either way, we could always point the finger to the movie if it doesn't show what we expected as a fan of the original, as a general fan of horror, or just as a casual movie viewer. The matter is that as a movie, this Carrie works. The 70's feel is all there, even if with a new presentation. The build up is very good, and Carrie White is masterfully portrayed by the young talented Chloe Grace-Moretz. Comparing her to Sissy Spacek on the original is just pointless. Julianne Moore is also incredible as the eerie religious fanatic mother, and the bullying topic never felt so present. But there were also some flaws: some CGI effects were unnecessary, and on the other hand Peirce maybe showed too much respect to the original, never risking anything of note on the presentation and recreating the most famous scenes with so much care that sometimes it felt like a shy homage with too much fear of spoiling the original. Nevertheless, 2013 Carrie is a good movie built on classic horror pillars, that ironically feels fresh amongst the horror that seems to be having a hard time to leave the safe formulas these days.

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