quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013

Gravity (2013)

Alfonso Cuarón created a visual experience that cannot be matched by any movie currently, period. And having watched it on 3D it felt like this was the only 3D was ever created, since this was the only 3D I have really ever enjoyed. Gravity is a successfully audacious movie that stretches contemplative pictures smoothly choreographed like a delicate dance into long takes (there is even an 18 minute long one). The silence of the space, the picture of earth, home, always on the background, associated with some beautifully positioned plans and adding only two characters transports the audience to a feeling that I honestly cannot remember with such intensity since 2001: A Space Odyssey, even if they are much, much different in presentation. There is a mix of digital techniques being used, as said by Cuarón himself. Knowing that and seeing the result feeling so real is indeed outstanding. However this movie isn't an experimental exercise on art, and we have a storyline that needs to be addressed. Cuarón keeps it simple and does it right yes, but there is some stuff that could be questioned. The storyline and character development is only briefly presented on screen even if it has a powerful meaning, leaving the question as if did Cuarón meant to take a deeper study on humanity's condition in pure loneliness (and plus, out of its home) through that same human symbolic simpleness that ends up being showed on screen, or did Cuarón just feel the need of supporting the movie with the characters backstory so that it could be a safer view for a larger audience? Whichever the answer, Gravity is a landmark, an author's work that changes the space genre for modern times as 2001: Space Odyssey did in 1968.

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