sexta-feira, 11 de outubro de 2013

Don Jon (2013)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directing debut, Don Jon, is an educated, but not educational movie (or is it the other way around?) about a guy in his mid 20's living in New Jersey, whose horizons don't go too far from watching online porn, hitting on expendable girls in night clubs, and working out on the gym while praying for his sins.  So yeah, our hero is a short-minded guy, and Scarlett portraits one of those futile princess look-a-likes. However, the movie development is very interesting. We are presented with a comedy formula that unpretentiously teaches much more than most modern disguised chewing-gummed comedies like The Hangover or Horrible Bosses. Don Jon focuses on internet porn. Yes, porn, the "number one" item in online searches and website visits, and our Don Jon is addicted to it, building a fake ideal about real life sex, which, inevitably, spreads to many other areas in his life. The plot was very enjoyable, but it was the directing that really stood out. Gordon-Levitt has many glimpses of a wary and attentive director. The editing is educated, just like the movie structure in itself, very well balanced and very focused. The movie has its own soul, an aura that positively distinguishes it from others... This is indeed a great starter achievement for the, now, young director.

Trailer follows:

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