quarta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2013

Animal Kingdom (2010)

Australian director David Michôd takes his debut with Animal Kingdom, a movie about a family of criminals seen from the perspective of 17 year old Josh (James Frecheville). A very positive debut this is. Michôd manages to combine technique with great storytelling, successfully representing the fear and uncertainty of such an environment on our young main character, who suddenly finds himself on the core of this family. We have many great performances on Animal Kingdom (Jacki Weaver even got an Oscar nomination for best actress in a supporting role), however this is not enough. Animal Kingdom does not feel relevant. All the performances are great, such as the technique, but all this feels plain bland, and Animal Kingdom doesn't exactly follow the way of the anti-climax type of movie, as it does not live on glorious stand alone moments and their respective beauty or meaning.

Trailer follows:

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