quarta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2013

The Place Beyond The Pines (2013)

Where to begin... Director Derek Cianfrance sets the bar high, very, very high, with The Place Beyond The Pines. He tries to tell a complex story which core resides on how linked fathers and sons are, their decisions and their poetic fate, throwing a very singular narrative style. The ambiance, the tone, the color, the plans, and, most of all, the camera work, are absolutely masterful. Yes, masterful. The Place Beyond The Pines is divided into three segments, each segment is leaded by one main character, building a puzzle that, even if well done, is hard to accept as a viewer. Also, there are mixed feelings about how the movie develops, and its length can be legitimately questioned... Ryan Gosling has an almost incredible performance (its funny tough how this character is so similar to the protagonist in Drive or Only God Forgives, only this time much, much deeper and well developed), Bradley Cooper impresses and the other actors all deliver a above the average perfomances, even if their screen time is limited. The Place Beyond The Pines really could be a masterpiece: it has masterful stand-alone moments, but the final product feels unbalanced. Making such an ambitious movie successfully is very hard, but Derek Cianfrance certainly proves that he is one of the best new directors out there, and The Place Beyond The Pines is undoubtedly technically almost perfect. Soon, soon...


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