terça-feira, 17 de setembro de 2013

Closed Circuit (2013)

Closed Circuit is a very safe and solid movie about the trial of a terrorist that bombs the center of London, and the defense lawyers' line of strategy by the duo Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall. The directing is very good and the movie is a excellency in the genre, with mystery, thrills and a very interesting view on the british system of justice. The thing is that we have already seen this movie hundreds, thousands, of times, and it plays so secure and solid that it's hard to say that it is a great movie! It doesn't try anything new, feeling like a Lego puzzle that was built exactly accordingly to the instruction manual, so how could it be done wrong? It doesn't have flaws, nor does it really have strengths. It's well executed, and it has a very british feel with the city of London on the background, but that's the only soul the movie presents. Closed Circuit just wasn't necessary...

Trailer follows:

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